Universal Inbox for Mobile Devices

Lenses provide innovative mobile user interface based on the content centric paradigm.

Increasingly, smartphones are being used to access all manner of information: email messages, Facebook status updates, tweets, RSS feeds, photographs and more. Approaches to dealing with this multi-faceted information stream developed on the desktop, such as switching between multiple applications or multiple browser windows, are unwieldy and scale poorly for mobile devices.

To address this problem we designed and developed a combination of the universal inbox and a system called ‘Lenses’ for extracting information of interest as part of a solution to this problem. These mechanisms allow the user to easily specify ways to sort, filter and manage their universal inbox in an intuitive way.

Lenses are created by example. A user selects a piece of content and drags the item to the “Add to Lens” area. The system generates matching attributes from the content. The user can also add their own attributes to the lens. When the user is satisfied with the preview, she can save the lens for viewing.


• Report with results of a pilot deployment