Connected Books

Family Story Play combines physical books with video conferencing through an innovative mobile device that supports grandparents to read books together with their grandchildren over the Internet. The interface encourages active child participation in the book reading experience by combining a paper book, a sensor-enhanced frame, video conferencing technology, and video content of a Sesame Street Muppet (Elmo). These Story Play features are intended to improve child engagement in long-distance communication and increase the quality of interaction between young children and distant grandparents.

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Story Visit is a website where children and long-distance loved ones can read story books together. Story Visit combines video conferencing and connected story books: when a grown-up turns the page, the child's page turns along with it. If the child points to something on his screen, the grown-up can see that on her screen too. Now families can read stories together even when they can't be in the same place

• Story Visit: results of a deployment with families


People in Books explores using depth cameras to create an immersive video conferencing experience. Parents and children are magically transported into the contents of the storybook. This experience helps create longer richer interactions with children at a distance.

• People in Books: Evaluation with families